• Get your sketch on with Flip branded pencils

  • Windy City Bulls NBDL Concept Logomark

  • Chef Amaury 33 West Rebrand

  • Kuipers' Apple Cider Package Design

  • Flip "Pixel Dust" Fitted Hats

  • Team Heat Jet Dragsters Logomark

  • Kuipers Orchard Ale Fest Logomark

  • Craig Hodges Hoops for Humaity 3on3 Tournament Logomarks

  • Kuipers' Kettle Corn Packaging

  • Cleveleand Browns Concept Jersey Patch Logomark

  • Flatlander Athletics Logomark

  • "Southside" Graphic Tee | 26Shirts:Chicago Collaberation

Logo & Identity Branding

Get noticed. Your brand logo and all other visual materials is your unique ‘thumb print’ in the business world. Let us help you create, build and strengthen your visual brand image.

Print & Promo Collateral

Create awareness. Offering a full line of custom high quality print collateral including: corporate identity materials, print and online advertisments, sell sheets, postcards, flyers, brochures and more.

Large Format Graphics

Increase visibility. Properly designed and executed banners, posters, POP displays, signage, and vehicle graphics create an enormous impact that continue to reinforce your brand.

Featured Concept Work

About Flip.


Philip D. Studdard is the president and creative director at Flip Design Studio, Inc., a Chicago-area based graphic design firm. Studdard's award winning design career spans over two decades and has included working in both the print and the large format imaging industries. Since launching Flip in 2004, Studdard has focused on providing innovative design concepts to enhance brand identity. Completing thousands of projects for large scale corporations along with many smaller sized businesses nationwide, earning recognition for his award winning design work. His creative work has been featured in national publications, on national television, product launches, rebrands as well as numerous books and magazines.

Philip has had the privilege of working with numerous nonprofits developing branding/marketing/promotion for a variety of fundraising campaigns and events. Working so closely with amazing people and organizations with such vision and energy, has developed a deep passion for charitable causes. Joining the iNSPIRE DREAMS Foundation has allowed him to continue to impact the community and make a difference. iNSPIRE DREAMS empowers those with disabilities to communicate through assistive technology and inspire the community around them.

Philip operates out of Aurora, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. He's an avid sports fan and enjoys all things design.
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What we do.

Identity Branding
Logo Design
Print Collateral
Advertising Collateral
Large Format Graphics
Apparel Design
Promotional Collateral


Getting Noticed.


3.15 | Creamer Award Finalist "Best Logo Concept"
6.12 | DesignFirms Award Recipient
5.12 | 3rd Place 2012 Walk for Autism Speaks Design Contest
1.12 | Top 20 Brands of the World's Logo Awards Competition
7.11 | Graphic Design Award Recipient "MDA V2.0"
6.09 | NAFDMA Best of Show ‘Celebrate Excellence’ Award
9.08 | St. Charles 175th Anniversary Logo Award Winner
11.04 | Miller Group Design Award Recipient
6.04 | DesignFirms Award Recipient


iNSPIRE Dreams Foundation
Craig Hodges' Hoops for Humanity
Project Mobility
The Funding Project
Child Brain Cancer Awareness
Team Matthew
The Chris Patterson Memorial Foundation
ALS Association
American Heart Association


Working with Flip.

Working with us.
Much of what we do is invisible because creative work begins with original, unique ideas and inspirations. Our mind's eye is busy visualizing the end result and the process of creating that end result. Spending time to visualize many things -- from the client's image to the audience's perceptions -- and all the while planning and considering the technical processes necessary to take the concept from the mind to paper. You may see the end result, perhaps just a logo that's two inches square in size, and although you may be very pleased with the way it looks, it can be difficult to understand the value in something so small.

Working with you.
For you, as a client, its important to recognize that fast, cheap 'creative' work will give you either 'cookie-cutter' or bland results ... If you are someone who wants freshness, uniqueness and an end result that really says something about you and participates in achieving your goals, then its important to realize that good design work is very much like an iceberg ... 90% of its mass lays out of sight under the waterline.